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Ah, there is nothing like waking up in the AM one summer day and walking out upon the beach, feet in the cool sand, looking at the sunrise, without  having a care in the world. My buddies, my palls, my compadres, The Morning Benders, have written this song “Excuses” just for that occasion.

When you listen to the slow melodic chimes, and soothing voice accompanied by the summers’ instrument of choice, the tambourine, you can almost envision your self around a sandy campfire, singing kumbaya, having a good ol’ time. This is my personal summer jam of choice, my creme de la creme of a song which offers one of the catchiest hymms a group of Berkeley kids had to offer, im talking about ” dum, duh dum, duh duum”.

The Morning Benders are a relatively new band(2008), but they have toured with the biggies, MGMT, Death Cab, and The Kooks, just to name a few. As of today though, you can find them touring with one of my favorite colabo bands, Broken Bells, I had the luck to see their tour kick off at Humphry’s by the Bay in San Diego. What an amazing show i might add.

For some, The AM Benders may be an acquired taste, but i hope I’m contributing to the soundtrack of Summer ’10.


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