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Yes you read that right, the most TWISTED racing game ever is back, and in full force. The new game, due out in 2011, titled solely as “Twisted Metal” introduces its newest form of vehicle in this installment, the helicopter. It has basically the same game mechanics as far as the set up, but whats new is the mode titled Nuke, where two teams fight to tear down the opposite teams metal structure.

The usual cast of characters is back with little to no major differences, just updated to fit the next gen consoles. The game looks promosing as the new trend of games is based upon racing, ie. blur, DiRT, and modnation. Below is the first teaser trailer revealed at this years E3.



Rock Band 3 will be hitting stores soon, with all new technology. Finally players will not feel like an asinine idiot playing with Playschool musical instruments. In less harsher words, you wont get annoyed with the clicking sounds each time you strum or you wont look like a drunk old geezer playing karaoke at happy hour at the local Applebees, Rock Band 3’s peripherals will be actual instruments, the guitar has actual strings and a wooden shaft, there will be a brand new 25 key piano that players can rock out on like Elton John.

It looks promising but still has all aspects of every other Guitar Hero, Band Hero, Rock Band out there.