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I just got my hands on the all new Paranormal Activity 2 teaser trailer, and it looks scarier than the first one. This time around they have added two new, defenseless characters, a dog and a baby. I’ll let you see for your self.

Now if you go to the website, and let the teaser finish, you’ll see some words written on the bedroom mirror.

Now wonder what that reads…

Lets flip the picture vertically.The message is “What is happening to Hunter”, I guess the little baby in the mirrors reflection is Hunter? Hey wait a minute, look at the crib folks! Where is the baby!? He is in the mirror but not in the crib! Pretty freaky stuff! And if you look closely at the bottom right next to the teddy bear, you’ll see what looks like a mans shadowy figure on the floor.

Let’s see what happens in the actual Paranormal Activity 2 trailer.

I’ll keep you posted.

(Update 1)- I’ve also just gained info that the creepy sound at the end of the teaser, when played backwards, says “Return. Hunter.”. Ill try and find a sound clip of that.

(Update 2)- Upon further detective work, I noticed the same staircase as in the first film, and also the same outdoor patio location as in the first one.

Look familiar? Makes me think that Katie is haunting a new family who has moved in to the house?

Stay tuned for more info.